Aftercharge Wiki

This is a list of all the achievements in Aftercharge. Achievements are the same for both the Steam version and the Xbox version.

General Achievements[]

These achievements can be unlocked while playing as any team or elsewhere in the game.

Internship Completed[]

Internship Completed.jpg Complete both tutorials.

Everyone has to go through the tutorial on startup, so this will often be your first achievement.

Winner Winner Robot Dinner[]

Winner Winner Robot Dinner.jpg Win 50 games.

A single round is counted as one game for this achievement. The name of this achievement is in fact completely unrelated to any Battle Royale games.

A True Aftercharge Agent[]

A True Aftercharge Agent.jpg Reach level 30.

To get this achievement, you need to reach level 30.

Workonic Achievements[]

These achievements can be unlocked while playing as a Workonic.


Blindfest.jpg Blind two Enforcers simultaneously.

To get the achievement, as Cyclops save up a few charges in order to increase the blind duration, four or so is enough. Blind one Enforcer, then get a teammate to give you a single charge, then blind another Enforcer.


Bubbled!.jpg Imprison two Enforcers in your Protective Shield.

This achievement is easy to get. The Enforcers do not need to be out of energy, you can simply use Bubbles' ability while two Enforcers are defending a single extractor.

Demolition Derby[]

Demolition Derby.jpg Break 20 extractors.

You need to get the last hit on the extractor in order for it to count towards the achievement.

It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint[]

It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint.jpg Win a round as Workonics while your team is affected by Orbital Strikes.

Orbital strikes will occur during a long game. The effects of the early few strikes aren't that noticeable and wining the match, with some coordination, shouldn't be too difficult. To make it easy, a team can simply leave the last extractor at low health and wait the game out until the first Orbital Strike.

Last Minute Save[]

Last Minute Save.jpg Use your Safeguard to save an ally from being shot down.

To get this achievement, use Buddy's ability on a revealed teammate that's on low health.

Play of the Game[]

Play of the Game.jpg Deliver the last hit on the last extractor while being the last remaining Workonic.

This achievement can be difficult to get, considering keeping your teammates alive is priority number one, not to mention that storming a protected extractor without backup is nearly impossible. It's also possible to get this achievement easy during a 1v1 private game without bots, it's not necessary to have teammates as being the only Workonic makes you the last one as well.

The Revive Express[]

The Revive Express.jpg Revive two allies while your Speed Boost is active.

It can be hard to properly unlock this, try waiting half a second after activating Turbo's ability before reviving.

Enforcer Achievements[]

These achievements can be unlocked while playing as an Enforcer.

A Tomb for Two[]

A Tomb for Two.jpg Imprison two disabled Workonics with three walls.

Simply placing three of Builder's walls next to two Workonics in shutdown grants this achievement. Push the Workonics together and then place the walls.

An Educated Guess[]

An Educated Guess.jpg Take down a stealth Workonic with your weapon.

A "stealth" Workonic is a Workonic that's invisible and not revealed by anything. Simply spraying the map with a character that has a high rate of fire, like Tinker, will unlock this achievement in no time.

Bullet Rain[]

Bullet Rain.jpg Take down a Workonic while airborne.

You need to use Tinker's jump pad to get this achievement.

Easy Target[]

Easy Target.jpg Take down a Workonic stuck in your trap.

You need to have the final hit on the Workonic as Huntress to get the achievement.

Shower Time[]

Shower Time.jpg Hit three Workonics with the same Air Strike.

This achievement is easiest if all the Workonics are attacking the same extractor at the same time. Considering this is generally a bad strategy for the Workonics, it can be hard to unlock.

Tell Me Where They Are![]

Tell Me Where They Are!.jpg Shoot a tracked disabled Workonic and reveal his two allies.

To get the achievement you need to shoot Liquidator's tracker shots after downing the Workonic. Then have both of the shots that split off hit both of their teammates.

Thwarting the Revolution[]

Thwarting the Revolution.jpg Take down 50 Workonics.

You need to get the last hit on the Workonic in order for it to count towards this achievement.

You Reveal, I Shoot[]

You Reveal, I Shoot.jpg Take down a Workonic tracked by an ally who's out of energy.

The "tracked" Workonic has to be revealed by another Enforcer's Rayvealer.


  • "Play of the Game" is a reference to the game "Overwatch"
  • "It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint" is an idiom referring to the long term endurance it takes to reach a goal.
  • Some achievements, like "A Tomb for Two" or "Revive Express", are granted after the match is over instead of immediately.