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Aftercharge is a competitive 3v3 first-person online game by Chainsawesome Games that pits invisible robots against a squad of specialized security enforcers in quick-paced skirmishes. The robots, called Workonics, must sabotage the energy extractors scattered over the map while the Enforcers are tasked to spot them and stop them.

Game history[]

Aftercharge is Chainsawesome Games’ third title. It was born from a prototype that earned the studio an honor in the professional category of the Pixel Challenge 48-hour Game Jam in 2015. The first version of the game called Electric Panic was played in a top-down perspective much in the likes of the studio’s second title, Knight Squad. Wanting to step it up a notch and create a game with high competitive potential, the team kept the core gameplay, changed the view to first-person, secured funding and set course to create a much more ambitious project.


Each team has a different goal, the Workonics are attacking while the Enforcers defend. Both teams require tight cooperation between teammates in order to claim victory.


The Workonics' goal is to destroy all six extractors on the map by punching them. From the enemy's point of view they are completely invisible, yet when attacking a Workonic will be visible for a small amount of time. Each Workonic has their own special ability, that they can charge up by sending a portion of their health to their teammates. When a Workonic is dealt too much damage it will be deactivated, but a teammate can boost them back to life if within range. When all Workonics are taken out the Workonic team loses.


The Enforcers' goal is to prevent the extractors from being destroyed. The Enforcers win when all Workonics are disabled. Each Enforcer has their own weapon and abilities, giving each a different role and playstyle. The Enforcers' abilities allow them to deploy traps on floors and walls, reveal Workonics or deal damage. Each Enforcer is equipped with a "Rayvealer", when a Workonic is nearby an indicator on their weapon will start blinking. If a Workonic passes in front of an Enforcer the Rayvealer will attach to the Workonic and reveal it. The Enforcers' weapons and abilities require energy, energy is depleted on use but can be recharged by standing close to an extractor.



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