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Workonic Bubbles.jpg
Role Providing Cover
Difficulty Easy
Overcharge Ability
Name Bubble
Effect Spherical Shield
Base 10 seconds
Effect Bubble Health
Base 40 HP
Per Charge 50 HP

Bubbles is a Workonic character in Aftercharge. With the ability to create a shield they're able to defend themselves and their teammates from Enforcer fire at critical moments.


This sturdy Workonic model was designed to carry heavy material and generate temporary energy structures to support the construction site. They are equipped with standard invisibility cloak to avoid corporate espionage and are able to boost any model of Workonic back to life. When it’s ready to overcharge, Bubbles creates a dome of solid Quanta Energy, impenetrable by anything but other robots until destroyed.

Overcharge Ability[]

Bubbles Help Screen

Bubbles Help Screen

Bubbles' overcharge ability, nicknamed bubble, is a spherical shield. The shield is projected in a radius of 12 meters around Bubbles and remains stationary. Workonics can walk through the shield just fine but Enforcers can't. An Enforcer can damage the shield to destroy it, the amount of health a shield has depends on the amount of charges used. Bubbles can create an unlimited amount of bubbles as long as their charges are replenished in between. Note that this would make more use of the additional 25 base health per bubble.

After 10 seconds the bubbles start to decay at a rate of 50 health each second.

Each charge used increases the bubble's health by 50 beyond the initial 25 points.

Charges 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Health 90 140 190 240 290 340 390 440 490 540
Duration 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

Tips & Tricks[]

  • Bubbles can use its bubble to provide some cover at important moments:
    • While reviving teammates
    • To run away when discovered at low health
    • Just after being revived to be able to run away (when low on charge the reviving teammate can give some charges immediately, avoiding the cooldown)
    • For the final push on a well defended extractor
  • Bubbles is able to trap Enforcers that ran out of energy inside their bubble until it decays.
  • The bubbles are clearly visible to everyone, so using them reveals Bubbles' position. They are often best used when the Enforcers are already aware of Bubbles' presence.


  • Bubbles' overcharge ability used to not decay over time and unsuspecting Enforcers could get trapped indefinitely.
  • Bubbles is called Shielder in the game files.


These are the skins currently available for Bubbles, they are accessible in the Characters menu.