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Role Unknown
Difficulty Medium
Name Pulse Rifle
Damage 10
Fire-rate 0.83/s
Energy Use 5
Accuracy 5
First Ability
Name Turret
Energy Use 40
Second Ability
Name Radar Stick
Energy Use 40

Buster is an Enforcer character in Aftercharge. He comes equipped with the pulse rifle, whose slow projectiles deal damage in an area. This, together with his stationary turrets, make him well suited for protecting an area.


Buster brings the heaviest artillery on the field. With his powerful pulse rifle and his mini deployable turrets, you’ll want to hide as far as possible from his radar sticks. His weaponry is unmatched when it comes to blasting one area. Not too keen at following orders, Buster is only on this mission to see his new toys pump lasers onto the battlefield. One could say he’s the rebel of the bunch.


Buster's weapon of choice is a Pulse Rifle. It fires slow projectiles that deal damage to Workonics in an area on impact. Also, any Workonic that is hit will be revealed and knocked back by the impact.


Buster is equipped with small turrets and a Workonic detecting radar stick.


Buster can deploy three mini-turrets that will attack anything in sight. They will not attack Workonics that are invisible or reveal Workonics on their own. The turrets depend on Buster or his teammates' other abilities to reveal enemies to attack them. Each turret only has 30 shots, after a turret's ammunition is depleted it will stop firing.

When a Workonic reveals themself by punching they will be attacked as well. As soon as a Workonic's invisibility is restored again the turret will stop attacking. They are not limited in range so placing them in higher spaces will allow the turrets to attack unobstructed. The turrets will also attack Bubbles's shield or Cannon's orbs. The turrets can be destroyed by a single punch.

Placing a turret takes 40 energy.

Radar Stick[]

Buster can place two Radar Sticks. A stick will start blinking when a Workonic comes near, and will start blinking more intensely if they get closer. They can be destroyed by a single punch.

Placing a Radar Stick takes 40 energy.

Tips & Tricks[]

  • Buster's main weapon deals very little damage, it's better to reveal Workonics with it so they can be taken down by his turrets.
  • The turrets do not have any limit to their range, placing them in high places where they have a larger field of view is ideal.
  • The radar sticks are best to place in choke points that are further away from the extractors.


  • Buster is the sixth Enforcer to be added to the game, released in update 1.2.7 on May 21st 2019.
  • During development of the character one of the internal names was Villain.
  • A large issue with Buster's sheriff skin delayed the update's release significantly.
  • Buster's internal name is Rebel.


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