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Dusk 11 is a faraway planet and the primary location for Aftercharge. The four playable maps are all located on the planet: Quarry, Refinery, Glacier, and Sanctuary.


Decades ago, the energy company Aftercharge Corporation commissioned a settlement on the distant planet to exploit the unhinged source of Quanta energy residing at its core. To build the automated extractors, the company created a line of worker robots, called Workonics, with the unique ability to become fully invisible to avoid corporate espionage. Once the construction was complete, the company left the planet entirely, leaving the deactivated Workonics behind. With the Quanta now approaching depletion, the core of Dusk 11 has become unstable. Subterranean seismic activity triggered the release of a powerful charge of Quanta which reanimated all the Workonics on the surface. The worker robots are now back online with one goal in mind: wrecking the extractors siphoning the planet. Catching word of this robotic mutiny, Aftercharge Corporation is sending its special Enforcer squad to thwart the uprising and protect their precious installations.


Currently there is no native population on Dusk 11. Ruins, such as seen on Glacier and Sanctuary, suggest the planet was once inhabited. Furthermore they seem to have had a religion, as seen by the remains in the vicinity of Sanctuary. It's rumored they worshiped a large beast whose name could only be translated as "MAGKNATSUILP" and that it's death was the direct cause for the people's disappearance.


Quarry An extraction site in a temperate region
Refinery An industrial site
Glacier A site at an icy polar region
Sanctuary A desert location with a small oasis


  • The location of the planet is a secret kept by the Aftercharge Corporation.