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Enforcers (also known as the guards) are the Aftercharge Corporation team in Aftercharge. They have been sent to protect the Quanta extractors on Dusk 11 from the newly reanimated Workonics.

In a match, the goal of the Enforcers is to deactivate all three Workonics simultaneously. To perform this task, each is armed with a main weapon and two special abilities. The main weapon and special abilities use up Quanta Energy, which can be replenished by standing close to a functioning Extractor.

Each enforcer is also equipped with a Rayvealer that when close to a Workonic disables their automated stealth system.


There are six Enforcers:


  • During early development the Enforcers were called both Guardians and Hunters
  • It is unclear if the Enforcers are human at all, because of the shape of their masks it is theorized they could even be ducks underneath.