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An undamaged Extractor on Quarry

Extractors are key structures for both Enforcers and Workonics in Aftercharge. They were originally built by the Workonics to extract Quanta Energy from Dusk 11, but after an inadvertent reactivation, the Workonics now seek to destroy them. The Enforcers have been sent in to protect them, and the extractors themselves provide aid to this task by recharging the energy the Enforcers need for their weapons and abilities.

An extractor can take 10 punches from the Workonics before being destroyed.

Enforcer Related Information[]

Energy Recharge Rate[]

Recharging from empty to a full 100 points of energy will take 2 seconds with an additional 0.5 seconds per hit that the extractor has taken.

After 10 hits an extractor breaks and will no longer provide energy.

Hits Taken 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Recharge Rate Per Second 50.0 40.0 33.3 28.6 25.0 22.2 20.0 18.2 16.7 15.4 0.0

Rounded to nearest tenth.

Workonic related Information[]

Health Recharge Rate[]

Workonics restore health from each hit they deal on an Extractor.

Hits restore 20 Health