Aftercharge Wiki
Role Ability Denial, Ensnaring
Difficulty Hard
Name Long-Range Carbine
Damage 50
Fire-rate 0.92/s
Energy Use 10
First Ability
Name Steal Overcharge
Energy Use 40
Second Ability
Name Ion Trap
Energy Use 50

Huntress is an enforcer character in Aftercharge. She is armed with a powerful sniper rifle and has the ability to place traps. Her robot companion, Gizmo, is able to steal charges from enemy Workonics.


Huntress is one of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy. She is equipped with a powerful long-range rifle that not only makes quick work of the Workonics but also briefly disables their cloaking with every shot. Her companion drone, Gizmo, is programmed to drain the energy charges from other robotic entities. To complete her arsenal, Huntress is equipped with magnetic traps she can use to set up her prey.


Huntress's weapon of choice is a very powerful long-range carbine. It fires a single projectile with a large cooldown between shots but it always fires straight at the crosshair with no spread whatsoever. When a Workonic is hit they become visible to all Enforcers for 2 seconds.

Shooting deals 40 damage and takes 10 energy per shot.


Huntress Help Screen

Huntress Help Screen

Huntress is able to remove charges from Workonics and she can place traps to capture them temporarily.

Steal Overcharge[]

Sends Huntress' robot companion, Gizmo, forward to steal overcharge power from a visible Workonic either in shutdown or otherwise revealed. While Gizmo is attached to a Workonic a visible beam connects to the Workonic, revealing their position. Any Workonic can send a charge to Gizmo using 20 health but only if close enough. This confuses it and causes it to stop following the targeted Workonic. Gizmo will start slowly draining charges when within range of it's target, when the last charge is removed it'll return to Huntress' side.

Huntress can only send Gizmo to one Workonic at a time.

Sending Gizmo takes 40 energy.

Ion Trap[]

Places a proximity mine that, when activated, traps a Workonic for 2 seconds. Only three can be placed at a time, placing a new one will destroy the oldest one.

While a Workonic is inside of a trap they will be continuously pulled towards it, lifting it if the trap is higher off the ground. While trapped a visible line connects to the Workonic revealing their position to all Enforcers.

After placing a mine, it will take around 3 seconds before it is armed and ready.

Placing an Ion Trap takes 40 energy.

General Strategies[]

Huntress is an excellent support character. With her traps locking down choke points on the map and her long range rifle taking out Workonics across the map, not to mention also revealing them for a limited time. Huntress is also the only Enforcer able to remove charges from opponents, a very valuable ability.

Because her abilities are not that energy costly Huntress is able to wander between extractors pretty well.

Tips & Tricks[]

  • Gizmo will hang around the Workonic when they become invisible if they have overcharge power still. This will reveal their location to all Enforcers.
  • A Workonic's teammates are able to send a charge to remove Gizmo as well. This should be priority when reviving them as they'll be easily seen while Gizmo is following them.
  • Ion Traps can be placed in surprising positions, including the sides of trees and extractors. If there is a surface an ion mine can probably stick there.
  • Ion Traps are able to pull Workonics off the top of some bridges when placed on the bottom of them. Traps are also well hidden under bridges and still capture Workonics under them as well.


  • Huntress first became available to play in Alpha playtest #3 on January 26th, 2018.
  • Gizmo, while only able to attach to visible Workonics, will follow them through terrain.
  • Huntress is called Hunter in the game files.


These are the skins currently available for Huntress, they are available in the Characters menu.