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Enforcer Liquidator.jpg
Role Intelligence, Pursuit
Difficulty Hard
Name Dual Quanta Pistols
Damage 22
Fire-rate 5.88/s
Energy Use 2
Accuracy 5
First Ability
Name Tracker
Energy Use 50
Second Ability
Name Ion Mine
Energy Use 40

Liquidator is an Enforcer character in Aftercharge. He is armed with a pair of automatic pistols that are also able to fire a tracking pellet. If this tiny tracker hits a Workonic Liquidator is able to fire six homing shots following the tracker. Liquidator can also place proximity mines.


Liquidator knows that the best defense is a good offense. He defends the extractors by chasing down the Workonics. He’s equipped with dual Quanta pistols and has the ability to shoot a tracker. If the tracker attaches to a robot, the following six shots will automatically land on the target wherever it’s hiding on the map. When you are tracked by the Liquidator, you’re scrap metal. He can also drop proximity mines to cover his back, which is neat.


Liquidator's weapons of choice are a pair of Quanta Pistols. Liquidator will fire alternating between his two pistols. Their high accuracy makes his pistols well suited for taking down Workonics at any range. Also their low energy consumption allows him to keep shooting longer before needing to recharge.

Shooting deals 20 damage and takes 2 energy per shot, shooting continues while the trigger is held down.


Liquidator help screen

Liquidator help screen

Liquidator uses a tracker shot and placeable mines to defend the extractors.


Shoots a tracker when activated. If the tracker hits a Workonic the next five activations will fire a tracking shot that follows the tracked Workonic wherever it's hiding on the map. After using up his tracking shots Liquidator will be able fire a tracker again. The amount of tracking shots left is shown on Liquidator's left pistol. When a Workonic gets hit by a tracking shot they'll be revealed to all Enforcers for 1.5 seconds. Tracker shots do not deal damage.

The tracker itself will not attach to a Workonic in shutdown but it will stay tracking them. The tracking shots however will still attack the downed Workonic and use up the tracking shots available.

Shooting the tracker takes 40 energy, the tracking shots take 10 energy each.

Ion Mine[]

Places an Ion Mine that will damage and knock back Workonics that trigger it within a radius of 15 meters. Liquidator can only have 5 mines placed at a time, placing a new one will destroy the oldest one if he already has 5 others placed.

The mines deal 25 damage, placing a mine takes 40 energy.

General Strategies[]

Liquidator is very good at chasing down Workonics. His tracker almost guarantees one Workonic will take 120 damage, enough to take them down at least once. His mines are best on chokepoints on the map like steps and small passages, they'll take down a fleeing Workonic or one to accidentally wander onto a mine at low health.

Because his abilities and weapon are very energy efficient, Liquidator is free to roam the map and chase down Workonics without visiting the extractors too often.

Tips & Tricks[]

  • Firing upwards while using the tracking ability's tracking shots will allow them to go over obstacles while following their target.
  • Ion Mines can be placed in surprising positions, including on the sides of trees and extractors. If there is a surface, an ion mine can probably stick there.
  • Ion Mines have no arming time and can be deployed quickly to knock back multiple Workonics.


  • Liquidator's Ion Mine ability used to not have a limit, he could place down infinite mines.
  • Liquidator's Ion Mine ability used to reveal Workonics for 5 seconds within a radius of 13m instead.
  • Liquidator's hobby is space chess, the popular three dimensional chess game.


These are the skins currently available for Liquidator, they are available in the Characters menu.