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Before release multiple public Playtests occurred during which people could obtain keys and test Aftercharge on PC. Playtesting is split over an Alpha period and then a Beta period. PC players could obtain steam keys through a website using their discord account, all tester keys were revoked before launch. During the last playtest Xbox players could join using the Xbox insider hub.


Alpha was the first stage of public testing. Even though the game was fully playable during this period characters and maps were still being added. Not to mention all the gameplay issues and bugs that were discovered and addressed through the help of the community.

Name Date Duration Notable
Pre-Alpha Playtest
October 13, 2017
2 days First public test
Open Alpha
December 1, 2017
12 hours First Alpha test
Playtest #3
January 26, 2018
12 hours Huntress and Turbo added
Playtest #4
April 14, 2018
12 hours Refinery added
Playtest #5
June 9, 2018
10 hours Glacier, Tinker and Buddy added


In this second stage no content was added to the game but through further testing from the community balancing and matchmaking were improved.

When the September 2017 launch date was postponed additional Beta tests were added with additional content, as well as a test with Xbox players next to PC players to test crossplay.

Name Date Duration Notable
Beta Weekend
August 3, 2018
2 days Progression system added
Stress Test
August 15, 2018
6 hours Improved matchmaking
Trial Day
August 21, 2018
12 hours Press oriented test
Trial Day 2
September 6, 2018
12 hours Press oriented test
Beta Day 5
November 17, 2018
24 hours Sanctuary added
December 14, 2018
3 days Xbox crossplay


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