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A Shutdown happens when a Workonic's Quanta Energy is depleted by enemy Enforcer fire. This is also frequently called getting downed or disabled. Going into Shutdown causes the Workonic to power down and stop functioning, also they'll play a little song called a Shutdown Jam.


The revive tip from the help menu.

While in Shutdown a Workonic will have to wait until a fellow Workonic will revive them, boosting them back into operation at full energy. This will at the same time replenish all energy on the other unit also, incentivizing reviving teammates directly. When all Workonics are down the Enforcers will win the match, thus it is essential for the Workonic team to prioritize reviving each other.

After being revived a Workonic will be invulnerable to all damage for a small period of time but will also be unable to do anything other than moving. This prevents a pair of Workonics from reviving each other indefinitely while under fire.


The signal tip from the help menu.

While in Shutdown a Workonic can use a single charge to send a flare from their position using the same button as their Overcharge Ability. Sending a flare will disable all nearby Enforcers' radars, having them go through a rainbow fade instead. The flare will This will also amplify the Shutdown Jam temporarily.

Shutdown Jams[]

These are the currently available Shutdown Jams, they are the same for all Workonics. You can select a different song for each of your Workonics. Unlocking a Shutdown Jam unlocks it for all Workonics.

Name Audio
Please Stand By
Electro Garage
Digital Afterlife
A Wonderful Day
Scrap Metal
Cheerful Salsa

Shutdown Poses[]

Each Workonic has their own pose while in shutdown. They are not customizable.

This is how the various Workonics look like while in Shutdown as seen in the customization menu: